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Our Projects & Products

We have made many different projects,- and we are glad that some clients gave their permission to show you some.

Polar 2.0

Polar 2.0 is a performance and user focused snow shoe presented by Three e as its latest development. A new binding concept allows fast and easy access to any kind of shoes. Designed for alpine terrain as well as for back country trails polar 2.0 is equipped with a 10° ClimbAssist, 360° Grip edges and a DuckTail for better walking performance.


Product: Safeman
Purpose: Multifunctional lock for outdoor sports
Client: Tectory Technik mit Design GmbH
Quantity: > 200.000 per year
Assistance in the preparation and development for 100% certainity and more flexibility.

Quick Release

Product: Quick Release
Purpose: Sicherheitsvorrichtung für das Kitesurfen
Client: Flysurfer GmbH
Quantity: not public
Concept developement and realization of several components, safety- and locking functions in only one device..

Snowboard Shoe

Product: Snowboard Shoe
Purpose: Snowboarding
Client: not public
Quantity: > 60.000 pair per year
Inspiration regarding the functionality and sporty design.

Snow Shoe

Product: Snow Shoe
Purpose: Snow Tours
Client: GPI Ltd.
Quantity: not public
Inspiration regarding functionality and sporty design.

Medical Suit

Product: Medical Suit
Purpose: Water Treatment
Client: not public
Quantity: > 10.000 per year
Support for concept development, quality improvement and market introduction.

Pocket BBQ-Fork

Product: Pocket BBQ-Fork
Purpose: Outdoor BBQ
Client: not public
Quantity: not public
Innovation, Production and suggestions for an appealing design.

Bike Shirt

Product: Bike Shirt
Purpose: Cycling Clothing
Client: Velotour
Quantity: not public
Assistance in proper selection of materials and concept development for a sporty design.

Backpack Kiddys

Product: Backpack Kiddys
Purpose: Hiking
Client: Salewa
Quantity: not public
Developtment for even greater comfort and functionality, suggestions for an attractive design.


Product: Skates
Purpose: Ice-Skating
Client: P&S
Quantity: not public
Inspiration regarding functionality, material and realization.