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3e Services

3e: e = examine, e = express, e = execute
Our activities in the Sporting area are various.
We focus on the B2B Service for Sporting and Wellness Brands.

3e Production

In our differently specialized production facilities mostly located in asia we are providing a huge production capacity for specialized sporting goods. Our core activities are Footwear, Apparel and Hardware. With professional knowledge and techniques like Injection, Heavy Stitching, Welding, Printing and many special applications we are providing a perfect base for high-end products.
Our mature Management System and the global network make sure that your Corporate ID and Quality level will finally reach your customers through your products.

Retail Product Management

As an experienced Sourcing and QC Vendor, 3e is providing equipment and generic goods for your Retail Organization. We manage individual Trade Brands from the source to your dispatch. Our own Design Team is updating standard generic stuff to cover your ID and make the launch of your own brand, hot sale or any other sales activity very easy. Through the extensive support of MDM Data all your frontends, catalogues, shops and other display applications will be fed with straight and high quality Contents.
Your brand is selling Sporting Gear? Add apparel, accesories and other crosselling options the easiest way you can imagine.

Brand Management

Your Brand is well known and you have products the world should know? We can help you vice versa between Asia and Europe. Our Team can help you to setup your sales channel in China or in Central Europe.
We supply the full service package to give you the most convenient shortcut to a new market.

Development Support

So far you are a sports genious and have a great idea, but no clue how to go ahead? 3e will help you from the scratch to the market. We know that knowledge about material science and production technology is not your focus, so we take care of it for you and avoid wasted years of unneccessary learning by try and error.
We speed you up, help with experience and ideas and ensure that even the earliest prototypes provide benefit for the final solution. We look for costs during the R&D and also help you with targetcosting and Mass Production Planning. Save time to market with 3e. Last but not least we will advise you on legal protection of your idea and help you regarding safety certificates and final product safety.


Sport is your desire? Your idea is what the whole Planet has waited for or maybe it's just the new Fun Tool - but you are not sure how or just to do it? Talk to us. We will check your idea (under a NDA) and see if your idea is worth to go for. We investigate without prejustice and do a brief market check and realization study. If your idea is within the benchmarks we might be the bewst partner for a direct investment. Don't hesitate to contact us.