3e Produktionsmanagement

3e Production Management

At our different production sites in Asia and Eastern Europe, we already offer a wide range of production capacity for different sports. Our competences are broadly diversified in the field of footwear, clothing and equipment. With our knowledge of plastic, metal and electronic products, as well as diverse techniques such as welding, heavy seam, injection die-casting, printing and many more special applications, we provide a perfect base for your production requirements. Our fully developed management system and the global networking of competences ensure that your own identity and quality are also perceived by your customers.

3e Retail Produktmanagement

Retail Product Management

As a partner for sports brands and as an equipment manufacturer and trade supplier, 3e ensures the classic purchasing management of generic products for both the trade and production. With more than 25 years of experience in this segment, we ensure not only the product quality but also our design support upgrades generic products and develops them, on behalf of the trade, up to a point where they become complete product lines with an individual identity. This way, specialised trade concepts and private labels become reality in a short time and sports brands can quickly add accessories to their core portfolio with little effort. With currently over a thousand actively tested, partly self-patented and fully available products, 3e is a strong partner.

3e 2 Way Brandmanagement

2 Way Brand Management

Sports brands from overseas looking for a local presence in Europe or brands from Europe wanting to conquer the Asian market have come to the right place at 3e. Our experienced team looks after many successful German and European brands in Asia as well as brands from Asia that can hold their own in Europe. For a fast and well-coordinated market entry, 3e with its competent team is your personal success manager. Here too, our services in the areas of design, online marketing, product presentation and supply chain management are your personal shortcut to business success.


Development Support to the power of 3e

So far you only have an idea for your new product, or your product line and scarce internal resource? Or so far you have no experience with the necessary materials and techniques? 3e supports you already in the design phase and can help your company with the development and product design - either during certain phases or by accompanying the entire process. With our internationally awarded design partners, we provide a breath of fresh air in your collections or new approaches when it comes to functional development. 3e guarantees short time-to-market developments and offers a successful complete service from design to sample production to the finished mass product in your warehouse, optimising time and costs in an ideal way. The protection of your intellectual property is just as important to us as uncomplicated processing, budget compliance and legally compliant tests and approvals.

Incubation and startup support

Incubation and Start-up Support

Sport is your vocation? Do you have an idea and want to launch a piece of sports equipment yourself? - If you are looking for a financing partner or would like to market your idea to sports manufacturers, 3e is at your side. We check every idea for feasibility and the associated market opportunity, completely impartially. If you need a partner to finance your project and the concept is viable, we will help you find a potential investor or, depending on the market segment, invest ourselves. Both limited-term investments and loans are possible. In any case, a project discussion is always free of charge, so feel free to contact us.